City Bonfires Deluxe Hot Chocolate Kit


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Gather around the City Bonfire amongst friends and family with two extra large ceramic camper mugs filled with delicious hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows! Cozy up to our crackling fire with this sweet way of making memories. This will make any day feel a little s’more special.

City Bonfires is a portable fire pit, handmade with nontoxic materials in Maryland by 2 Dads whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic. The portable, compact design makes it easy to take on all your outdoor adventures. Bring your own bonfire wherever you roam. No wood, no embers, no soot!


  • 1 City Bonfires Portable Fire Pit
  • 2 Large Camper Mugs
  • 2 Packs of Hot Chocolate Powder
  • 2 Portable, Reusable and Detachable Skewers
  • 8 Marshmallows

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City Bonfires is handmade with recyclable steel tins, nontoxic soy wax and eco-friendly, all natural biodegradable briquettes.


Our City Bonfires is perfectly portable for all of your outdoor adventures. Bring the fire wherever you roam.


Our City Bonfires is a compact fire that is easy to light and extinguish. Just cover the lid to put out the fire. No cleaning up necessary.


City Bonfires is a portable bonfire, handmade with nontoxic materials in Maryland by 2 Dads whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic.

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