City Bonfires Brings Warmth and Convenience to QVC with Coleman City Bonfires 2pc Outdoor Tabletop S’more Maker Set

 City Bonfires Lights Up QVC’s "In the Kitchen with David" with Unique S’mores Night Pack

Rockville, MD – May 22, 2024 – City Bonfires, the innovative creator of portable bonfire kits, proudly announces its debut on QVC, the world leader in live video commerce. On May 22, 2024, City Bonfires captivated viewers by featuring its Coleman City Bonfires 2pc Outdoor Tabletop S’more Maker Set on the popular "In the Kitchen with David" show, bringing a new way to enjoy s’mores right at home.

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About the Coleman City Bonfires 2pc Outdoor Tabletop S’more Maker Set

The Coleman City Bonfires 2pc Outdoor Tabletop S’more Maker Set is designed to create unforgettable memories by bringing the warmth and joy of a traditional bonfire to any home setting. The set includes:

  • Two Portable Fire Pits: Easy-to-light bonfires that provide a safe and enjoyable fire source for making s’mores.
  • Four Skewers: High-quality skewers for safely roasting marshmallows to perfection.
  • Convenient Size: Each bonfire measures approximately 4" x 2" and the skewers are 6" long, making them perfect for tabletop use.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry, these tabletop bonfires are perfect for any setting—be it a backyard, patio, or even a camping trip.
  • Safety: Made with non-toxic materials, City Bonfires are safe for outdoor use, providing peace of mind for users.
  • Convenience: With no need for firewood or extensive setup, City Bonfires ignite quickly and easily, offering an instant bonfire experience.
  • Memorable Experiences: The S’more Maker Set is perfect for creating special moments and cherished memories with loved ones.

The QVC Achievement

Getting a product on QVC is a remarkable achievement, with only about 1-2% of submissions making it to air. Chris McCasland, the owner and inventor of City Bonfires, not only achieved this milestone but also went through the rigorous process to become a QVC host. His dedication and passion for creating memorable experiences shone through during the live segment on "In the Kitchen with David."

About City Bonfires

Founded by Chris McCasland and Michael Opalski, City Bonfires aims to bring the warmth and joy of a bonfire to everyone, no matter where they are. The company's products are designed to be safe, portable, and easy to use, making them ideal for a variety of settings. City Bonfires continues to innovate and inspire, creating products that enhance everyday experiences and bring people together.

"We are thrilled to bring our unique product to QVC’s audience and provide a new way to enjoy the timeless tradition of making s’mores," said Chris McCasland, Owner and Inventor of City Bonfires. "Working with QVC has been an incredible opportunity to showcase City Bonfires on a leading video commerce platform and reach new customers."

About QVC

QVC® is a world leader in video commerce ("vCommerce"), which includes video-driven shopping across linear TV, ecommerce sites, digital streaming, and social platforms. QVC empowers shoppers with knowledge and shares insights in a lively and engaging way. QVC offers an ever-changing collection of familiar brands and fresh new products – from home and fashion to beauty, electronics, and jewelry – and connects shoppers to interesting personalities, engaging stories, and award-winning customer service.

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