Portable Fire Pits VS Wood Campfires

By Carrie Walco-Bowman

City Bonfires mini portable fire pits were invented to be a safer and faster way to make a bonfire and s’mores with friends and family anywhere. Here are a few ways City Bonfires make having a fire easier than building, storing, and carrying the supplies needed for a traditional bonfire that uses firewood.


Easy to Light VS Difficult to Light

The number one reason City Bonfires are easier to light is because they are always dry (when stored properly with the lid on) versus campfires or bonfires that use wood, which naturally absorbs water through rain, moisture, or humidity. The water in the wood prevents the fire from lighting, making it very hard to light a wood-burning bonfire. Instead, City Bonfires use biodegradable, natural briquettes and food-grade soy wax that are very easy to light.


No Wood VS Wood Required

There’s absolutely zero wood required to use a City Bonfires campfire in a can. That means…

1. You save money because there is less to buy.

2. No trips to the store for firewood.

3. You’re helping to save trees/forests.

4. You don’t need to pack or store firewood.

5. You won’t get bugs like you can with firewood.


No Embers VS Flying Embers

The flying embers from a traditional wood-burning campfire can ignite forest fires or harm people, children, and pets. Since City Bonfires don’t use wood at all, there aren’t any embers to worry about.


No Smoky Smell VS Smoke

The smoke from traditional bonfires can make you dizzy as you constantly work around the fire to find a smoke-free spot. The smoke always moves because the heat from the wood burning causes the airflow to change continually. Making a bonfire without wood (when using a City Bonfire) eliminates the smell of smoke and smoke getting in your eyes because it doesn’t use any wood that creates smoke.


Leaves No Trace VS Ashes and Soot

City Bonfires are made of biodegradable, natural products entirely consumed after use. So, no ashes or soot are left behind from the burning wood, like what is left after having a wood-burning bonfire.


Easy to Extinguish VS Hard to Extinguish

Putting out a City Bonfire is easy. You place the lid back on it, immediately extinguishing the flame because no more oxygen is present to fuel the fire. The fire is killed without water or waiting for it to go out on its own, like what you would need to do with a wood fire. It’s as simple as that.

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