Dutch Waffle (Stroopwafel) S’mores Recipe

National Waffle Iron Day is tomorrow (June 29th) so, we’re celebrating with a new Stroopwafel S’mores Recipe with our friends at the Dutch Waffle Company!

You may be asking yourself...


"A stroopwafel (literally "syrup waffle") is a wafer cookie made from two thin layers of baked dough joined by a caramel filling. A stroopwafel is placed over a hot drink such as coffee or tea to warm the cookie up and soften the syrup and make the caramel inside a bit gooey. Of course, they are delicious at room temperature as well." - DUTCH WAFFLE COMPANY

Sounds amazing, right? Believe us, they taste even better, especially when they are warmed up over a City Bonfires portable fire pit and made into Dutch Waffle (Stroopwafel) S'mores!

We love using stroopwaffles from the Dutch Waffle Company in our s'mores recipes because they are made in the USA by Dutch immigrants who bake them by hand using the freshest and finest ingredients.


- 1 package of Dutch Waffle Company Stroopwafels (8 count)
- 1 City Bonfires Night Pack (Includes everything you need to make a mini bonfire.)
        1 City Bonfire Portable Fire Pit
        4 Large Marshmallows
        1 Chocolate Bar OR Chocolate Fudge Sauce (you choose!)
        2 Reusable Skewers
        1 EX Lighter
        8 Graham Crackers (Save them for another time.)


  1. Read all of the instructions and safety warnings included in your City Bonfires campfire in a can. Then, light it according to the directions.
  1. Roast your marshmallow using the skewers included in your City Bonfires s’mores maker kit.
  1. Then, warm two stroopwafels over the fire by using both skewers (see video above). This will help to melt the caramel filling between the wafer cookies.  
  1. Assemble your dutch waffle s’mores by sandwiching the chocolate and marshmallow between the two warmed stroopwafels and enjoy!


Learn more about the Dutch Waffle Company on their site and follow them to find more unique stroopwafel recipes and products on Instagram and Facebook.

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