How To Safely Use and Light Your City Bonfires

  1. Only use your City Bonfires outside.
  2. The City Bonfires tin gets VERY hot and should be placed on a safe non-burnable surface like a trivet.
  3. Light your City Bonfires with a torch lighter or a candlestick lighter. It will be very difficult to light with matches.
  4. Start at the corner of each briquette and hold the flame to it until it lights. Please hold the flame to each briquette for at least 30 seconds or until lit.
  5. **If the briquettes have a slight wax layer making it difficult to light, you can use scissors to cut them to release the fibers.**
  6. City Bonfires will be extremely hot when in use. Never attempt to touch or move your City Bonfires during use or before it has completely cooled down.
  7. To extinguish your City Bonfires please slide the lid over the flame.
  8. You can relight your City Bonfires for a total burn-time of 3 to 4 hours.
  9. Made with FDA Food Grade NonToxic Soy Wax. Please burn for 20 minutes before roasting marshmallows.

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