How to Boil an Egg Perfectly with a City Bonfires Mini Bonfire Pit and BeepEgg

Learning how to cook a perfect hard-boiled egg on a mini campfire is not nearly as impossible as you may think. Our friend, The Drunken BBQ, makes it easy by using a City Bonfires portable, mini bonfire and a BeepEgg from BrainStream. This is one of the best and fastest ways to cook boiled eggs on an open fire for breakfast, recipes, pasta salad, egg sandwiches, or even Easter eggs!

What You Need

- Beep Egg (“The Singing Floating Egg Timer”)
- Egg(s) (use any quantity you want)
- City Bonfires Mini Portable Fire Pit
- Lighter (We recommend out City Bonfires EZ Lighter (pack of 3), of course.)
- Pot for boiling water on a fire.
- Water.
- A stable cooking or campfire ring grate (rated for fire)

How to Boil the Perfect Egg with City Bonfires and BeepEgg

  1. Before you begin, store the eggs you want to cook with your BeepEgg so they all have the same temperature before you start to boil them. It can be anywhere between room temperature or colder. Learn more about BeepEgg on their site.
  2. Read all of the instructions and safety precautions that came inside your City Bonfires mini, portable firepit. (You can also find the instructions here.)
  3. Set your City Bonfires mini bonfire under your cooking grate. Make sure it is on a level, fire-proof surface.
  4. Light your City Bonfires. We recommend burning your City Bonfires for 20 minutes before using it to cook.
  5. Set your BeepEgg timer to your choice of hardness (soft, medium, hard) by reading the BeepEgg directions.
  6. Put your eggs and BeepEgg in the pot.
  7. Add water to the pot (See BeepEgg directions for the right amount.)
  8. Remove the eggs and BeepEgg when the timer starts to sing.
  9. Rinse them all in cold water and enjoy your perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs!
  10. If you are done using your City Bonfire, place the lid on it to extinguish the fire and wait to move it until all of the soy wax has hardened and it is no longer hot to touch. Then store it to use for your next outdoor cooking adventure! Or, clean the tin and recycle it when there is no wax left.

City Bonfires is not only great as a cooking source for camping and relaxing. It’s also one of the best items to keep in your emergency kit or bug-out bag. Preppers love them!

Keep some of our 5-pack or 10-pack of City Bonfires on hand, and you’ll never have to worry about finding an alternative cooking or heating source in emergencies if you lose heat or electricity during a storm or power outage.

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