Boiling Water on City Bonfires VS Gel Fuel Cans

In his latest YouTube cooking video, Michael (co-founder of City Bonfires) tests City Bonfires mini portable fire pits and a popular canned gel chafing fuel (canned heat canister) in a head-to-head battle to see which boils water the best. Watch to see which one wins!


Here are the main differences between canned heat / gel chafing fuel and City Bonfires mini portable fire pits when it comes to boiling water and cooking.




Gel Chafing Fuel / Canned Heat

The maximum temperature of the most popular gel fuel is 175 degrees Fahrenheit, not hot enough to boil water. After trying to boil water for 15 minutes with the gel fuel we used, the water temperature only got to 120 degrees, failing the boil water test.


City Bonfires

The maximum temperature for City Bonfires is above 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature required to boil water. After only 7-8 minutes it was able to achieve a rolling boil temperature, well above 212 degrees. City Bonfires wins!




Gel Chafing Fuel / Canned Heat

The canned heat we used in our boiling water test only lasts 2.25 hours. Only half the amount of burn time of a City Bonfire, so you would need to purchase two of them.


City Bonfires

The burn time for City Bonfires is between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the environment. Plenty of time to boil noodles or do some campfire cooking. And, you can reuse City Bonfires as many times as you like.

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