City Bonfires® and Midnite Snax® Unveil Exquisite Custom Candle Line for Corporate Gifting

Custom Candle Line by City Bonfires
Rockville, MD, February 9, 2024 – City Bonfires, a leader in innovative and immersive products, has joined forces with Midnite Snax, a renowned name in promotional merchandise, to introduce two new stunning Custom Candle Lines, tailored for the promotional product industry and corporate gifts.
This collaboration marries the warmth of City Bonfires' signature glow with Midnite Snax's expertise in delivering exceptional promotional products. The result is two collections of customizable candles that elevate corporate gifting to a new level, Custom Wellness Candles and Custom Corporate Color Candles.

Made in the USA and Eco-Friendly
Every custom candle is made in the USA by City Bonfires with all-natural soy wax and a cotton wick to ensure a smooth, clean burn. Only premium quality fragrance oils are used to create a large variety of long-lasting scents. The candle containers are made of recyclable glass or stainless steel, making them better for the environment.

Candle Styles, Sets, and Custom Packaging
Businesses, corporations, and anyone looking for custom personalized candles offered in bulk gifting options can choose from a wide array of candle styles and sizes, including elegant glass mason jar candles and contemporary candle tins. Many styles are also offered in custom candle gift sets with personalized gift boxes available in clear and custom branded boxes, featuring full color branded labels and custom options. Customers can add their logo to several beautiful stock design(s) or they can create their own unique artwork. Both lines include candles and sets in two-, four-, five-, and twelve-ounce candle sizes.

Custom Corporate Color Candles
The Custom Corporate Color Candle line includes ten vibrant color and scent combinations available in the most popular corporate and brand colors. They include trending colors and scents like Black (Espresso Mocha) and Medium Blue (Blueberry Pancake).

Custom Corporate Candles by City Bonfires

Custom Wellness Candles
The Custom Wellness Candle line includes relaxing fragrances and calming hues in four of the most in-demand, spa-like scents: Cucumber Melon, Ocean Breeze, Lavender, and Fresh Linen. Each has a soothing color, like Light Blue and Lavender Purple, reminiscent of its scent.

Custom Wellness Candles by City Bonfires

Personalized Custom Branded Candles
City Bonfires custom candles are designed to showcase a businesses logo, tagline and even a special message that can be added to the candle label and gift box packaging, providing a canvas for reinforcing brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression.

Custom Candles for eBay

Versatile Corporate Gifts
Both custom branded scented candle lines are perfect for a variety of uses, including client appreciation, employee recognition, corporate holiday and Christmas gifts, special events, and promotional giveaways. They offer a thoughtful and elegant way to light up the spirits of staff, teams, and clients.

Learn more about our Custom and Personalized Candles and other custom corporate gifts and bulk orders on our site  and request a quote.

About City Bonfires
City Bonfires is a leading outdoor brand known for its innovative and portable fire pits, providing memorable outdoor experiences. Started by two Dads during the pandemic, City Bonfires is known world-wide for their invention, The Original Portable Fire Pit, they have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, USA Today, Forbes, Fox News, The Food Network, and People Magazine. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest @citybonfires.

About Midnite Snax
Midnite Snax is a trusted manufacturer and supplier in the promotional product industry, specializing in high-quality customized candy, snack and gourmet food gifts and packaging. A women-owned business, they offer over three thousand SKUs and are known for delivering high-quality and customized merchandise to enhance brand visibility.

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