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City Bonfires Forges Exciting Partnership with Coleman® in the Fire Pit Category, Unveils the Highly Anticipated "City Bonfires by Coleman"

Rockville, MD, September 5, 2023 – City Bonfires®, the pioneering portable fire pit company known for its innovative approach to outdoor experiences, is thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration with Coleman®, a brand synonymous with outdoor adventure and quality. This exciting partnership marks a new era for both brands as they introduce "City Bonfires by Coleman," an exceptional line of fire pits designed to elevate outdoor gatherings and redefine the art of relaxation.

City Bonfires has long been celebrated for its commitment to crafting portable fire pits that ignite camaraderie and warmth on any adventure. With the introduction of "City Bonfires by Coleman," the brand's signature blend of ingenuity and quality will now be further enhanced by Coleman's unparalleled expertise in outdoor equipment.

"The partnership with Coleman is a natural progression for City Bonfires," said Chris McCasland, Co-founder of City Bonfires. "Coleman has a legacy of empowering outdoor enthusiasts with premium products that stand the test of time. By combining our passion for creating memorable outdoor moments with Coleman's heritage of excellence, we are introducing a line of fire pits that will redefine how people experience the outdoors."

The "City Bonfires by Coleman" collection will feature meticulously designed portable fire pits that embody the essence of both brands – reliability, innovation, and a dedication to creating unforgettable outdoor experiences. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and adhering to the highest safety standards, each fire pit will reflect the unique spirit of collaboration between City Bonfires and Coleman.

"As we introduce 'City Bonfires by Coleman,' we're excited to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a versatile and convenient way to enjoy the magic of a bonfire," stated Mandy Lubbers, Global Licensing Manager at Coleman. "This collaboration is a testament to our shared values and our commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences for individuals, families, and friends."

The launch of "City Bonfires by Coleman" is set to captivate outdoor enthusiasts, bringing together the best of both brands to create an unparalleled range of fire pits. This exciting development is a testament to City Bonfires' unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, as well as Coleman's ongoing commitment to enriching outdoor adventures.

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About City Bonfires: City Bonfires is a Maryland-based company founded by two passionate individuals whose lives were impacted by the pandemic. Committed to crafting portable fire pits that encourage unforgettable moments, City Bonfires' products are designed with a focus on quality, safety, and simplicity. The brand's dedication to creating portable, nontoxic, and easy-to-use fire pits has made it a beloved choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to add warmth and ambiance to their adventures.

About Coleman: As an international leader in the innovation and marketing of outdoor products, The Coleman Company, Inc. helps people have fun and make memories by providing the gear integral to their favorite outdoor experiences. The company's products include its legendary lanterns and stoves, as well as coolers, tents, sleeping bags, airbeds, backpacks, furniture, and grills under the Coleman brand. Additionally, the company provides flotation devices, towables, rainwear, waders, hunting and fishing gear as well as safety and survival equipment under its Stearns®, Sevylor®, Sospenders®, Hodgman®, Mad Dog Gear®, Helium® and Aerobed® brands

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