How to Make a Mini Fire Pit with a Planter and Rocks

Here’s a super cute and easy (NO TOOLS/WOOD REQUIRED!) mini tabletop fire pit idea from Shannon Henderson (at Henderson Home). Great for anyone that does not have a lot of room outside for a larger, traditional wood burning or gas firepit. This outdoor fire bowl uses City Bonfires (the original, portable mini bonfire), an affordable and sleek white planter bowl by Better Homes & Gardens (found at Walmart), and neutral-colored landscape rocks. The mini fire pit from City Bonfires makes keeping the fire lit all year long a simple task. It’s easy to light, easy to extinguish (just close the lid), reusable, replaceable, and recyclable. And you can cook on it, since it’s made with non-toxic, 100% food grade soy wax and all natural briquettes. Plus, there’s no wood, no embers, no soot, & no clean up!

You can also use an all-natural Outdoor Candle by City Bonfires, instead of a mini fire pit, to help keep the bugs at bay and deter pests.

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