How To Prepare Your Car For The Perfect Road Trip

Americans are essentially free to travel throughout the country without restriction, and most hotels, restaurants and attractions nationwide have re-opened to full capacity, ready to welcome much-needed visitors. While the summer of 2020 may have seemed like the season of the road trip as airline travel was difficult, the vast majority of Americans stayed home entirely, making the next few months the true summer of the road trip. Research from Clearcover Insurance shows that even as they begin to feel safe to fly, 74% of Americans say they will continue to take family vacations by car, and more than 70% of Americans are in agreement that taking road trips is more convenient than flying overall. Here, Roslyn Glanville, head of driver insights at Clearcover, shares 5 tips for preparing your car for a road trip, followed by a few space-conscious products to make your adventure a bit more enjoyable without cluttering the car.*

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