How to Make the Perfect S’mores with Your City Bonfire

Get ready to Celebrate National S’mores Day with us on Tuesday, August 10th!

Gather around your City Bonfire and make the perfect s’more! Tag us @citybonfires and use hashtag #nationalsmoresday and we will compile all of your s’mores photos in an upcoming video!

Place Your City Bonfire on a safe, heat proof surface.

Gather your s’mores ingredients.

We are suckers for a classic s’mores, but stay tuned for some fun recipes we are releasing next week!

Light your City Bonfire!

Roast your marshmallow to the side of the City Bonfire if you prefer your marshmallow golden.

If you like your marshmallow burnt, you can go ahead and light it on fire!

Grab your graham crackers - you know the drill!



Don’t forget to tag us @citybonfires and use hashtag #nationalsmoresday to be featured!


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