City Bonfires Co-Founders Featured on “Making Waves at C-Level” Podcast

Our co-founders, Chris and Mike (aka #fireddads), speak with Thom Singer on his popular podcast, "Making Waves at C-Level with Thom Singer podcast". As the host of the popular "Making Waves at C-Level" podcast, Thom has interviewed over 1000 business leaders about success (as well as hosting several other podcasts for companies and associations). Through these in-depth conversations he has learned that there is no single thing that holds people back.

In this episode, "Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast: The Story of City Bonfires," Chris and Mike give a little more insight into how they created the original portable mini fire pit, City Bonfires. While also adding their signature humor and how they love to make memories with their families.

Here's the recap. Or, you can listen to it in its entirety on Thom's podcast.

This episode is a fun chat with the co-founders of City Bonfires. These are two suburban dads who started a company during the pandemic (now their full-time jobs) making [portable bonfires] and selling all you need for s’mores. Yes, [bonfires] in a can and marshmallows.... and a business is born.

Thom Singer saw their ad on Instagram and knew they had to be guests on the "Making Waves at C-Level" podcast. This episode is a throwback to when the show was called "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" this is true coolness in action.


About City Bonfires

As you can imagine, Covid-19 has impacted many industries across the globe. Maryland natives, Chris McCasland, a sports and concert industry broker and restaurateur, and Michael Opalski, a senior restaurant industry salesman, both endured a loss of income during the pandemic. As the story goes, both were at home for long periods of time with their families (Chris' son Brooks is 4, and Mike's son Alex is 12 and daughter Anna is 9). While at home, Chris started teaching himself e-commerce and searching for cool product ideas. He came up with City Bonfires, a portable, reusable mini bonfire that you can take on all of your outdoor adventures. He enlisted the help of Mike who came up with the design of the product. A 4-inch by 2-inch round metal tin that is filled with non-toxic soy wax. Unlike other soy wax-based products, City Bonfires entire surface becomes the flame - creating a mobile heat source - a mini bonfire!

Thus, City Bonfires was born! Each City Bonfire is handmade in Maryland with American-made materials by two Dads whose jobs were impacted by Covid-19.

We believe that bonfire nights are the best nights. Gather around our City Bonfire and make memories! As Covid-19 has taught us, life is best spent making memories with our family and friends. So, get outside, light up the starry sky and make lasting memories!

Meet Chris

Co-founder of City Bonfires! Chris is from Germantown, Maryland - in Montgomery County, outside of Washington, D.C. Prior to the pandemic, Chris was in the concert, sports, and event ticket industry. He is a part-owner of Quincy's Bar & Grille in Rockville [@quincyssouth on Facebook and Instagram] and Potomac [@quincyspotomac on Facebook and Instagram]. He lives in Potomac with his wife and son, Brooks (5).

Here are a few things about Chris:

Dad Superpower? Grilling

What's Your Fav Family Activity? Watching the @nationals

Parenting True Confession? It's ME who eats all the Goldfish.

Meet Michael

Co-founder of City Bonfires! Michael is from Easton, Maryland, on the Eastern Shore. He went to Clemson University and lives in Potomac, Maryland with his wife and two kids.

Here are a few fun things about Michael:

Dad superpower? “Keeping it fun!”

Fav Show to Binge Watch: Big Bang Theory

Fav Song for a Family Dance Party: @lizzobeeating Truth Hurts

Did you know that City Bonfires has added Signature S’mores Kits, Hot Chocolate Kits, Personalized & Customized City Bonfires, and their NEW Outdoor Citronella Candles to their list of products? As well as fun Seasonal Gifts.

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