How to Make a S’mores Buffet Bar for Dessert Tables and Events

S’mores buffet bars and stations are being enjoyed and lit all over: at fundraisers, weddings, events, breweries, parties, and celebrations. This dessert table idea is something that people of all ages love. It’s one of the best dessert bar ideas out there! And, who can turn down making and eating s’mores outside with friends and family around several cozy City Bonfires tabletop firepits, any time of the year. S’mores dessert tables are also a great way to meet people and bring in new customers at a restaurant, venue, or bar.

Here's a quick step by step guide on how to make the perfect S'mores Bar with City Bonfires at your next outdoor event:  

Gather Your Essentials: Collect the must-haves for your S'mores buffet bar - City Bonfires portable fire pits, marshmallows, graham crackers, and an assortment of chocolates.

  1. Set Up Your City Bonfires: Arrange the City Bonfires on your dessert table, ensuring a safe and accessible space for guests to create their delicious treats.
  2. Marshmallow Roasting Station: Provide skewers or sticks for roasting marshmallows over the City Bonfires. Make sure to have a variety of marshmallow sizes for different roasting preferences.
  3. Chocolate Heaven: Offer a selection of chocolates such as classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or flavored options. Break them into squares for easy assembly.
  4. Graham Cracker Varieties: Lay out an assortment of graham cracker options, including traditional, cinnamon, and chocolate-flavored ones, allowing guests to choose their favorite base.
  5. Additional Toppings: Enhance the experience with optional toppings like peanut butter, caramel, or sliced fruits for those looking to customize their S'mores.
  6. Create a System: Organize the ingredients in a logical order to guide guests through the S'mores-making process. Start with graham crackers, followed by marshmallows, chocolates, and toppings.
  7. Encourage Creativity: Set out recipe cards or a chalkboard with suggested S'mores combinations to inspire guests to get creative with their flavor combinations.
  8. Provide Napkins and Cleanup Station: Ensure there are plenty of napkins for sticky fingers and set up a designated area for disposing of skewers and wrappers to keep the space tidy.
  9. Capture the Moment: Encourage guests to share their unique S'mores creations on social media using a dedicated event hashtag – capturing the delicious memories made around the City Bonfires.

Now you're all set for a memorable S'mores buffet bar experience with City Bonfires at your next event!

Fundraising Event Ideas for Any Organization

City Bonfires recently sponsored the s’mores buffet station at an outdoor fundraising event for The Light Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides young people with unique experiences that ignite their passion & purpose. It was co-founded by 3-time Super Bowl Champion Matt Light and his wife, Susie Light, to use the great outdoors to cultivate young, confident leaders. The event was a success, and everyone loved all of the different flavored cookies, sauces/spreads (like lemon curd and Nutella®), and other unique s’mores ingredients.

S’mores Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Our friends at Slice of Divine Charcuterie have a special talent for making some of the most amazing charcuterie boards and s’mores dessert tables throughout the Lancaster, PA area and beyond. This is one of our most favorite s’mores grazing tables that we’ve ever seen used at a wedding event. All of our fans agree too!

Fall S’mores Buffet Events for Breweries, Bars, Wineries, & Restaurants

Fall is one of the best times to get customers together outside around a few tabletop fire bowls, like City Bonfires. You can make an inviting s’mores picnic table buffet that will get everyone to come over and invite their friends, like Frey’s Brewery. This working farm brewery is located in Mount Airy, Maryland. It holds “Firepits and Flannels” events in the fall to take advantage of the crisp nights and allow everyone to enjoy the lower temps as they indulge in their farmhouse-made lagers and ales.

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